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what fucking evidence?
I'm not taking law.. maybe I should.. so i'm asking my friends who do:

If a victim's last words to her closest kin is the name of the killer,
should this evidence be binding in court?

According to reports, Mangudadatu's wife was able to reach her husband
before she was grossly mutilated, telling him that the Ampatuans were the
ones responsible. This kind of evidence can be verified through the mobile network,
but I'm afraid these records will be long overdue and overwritten before the
government even surmises this.

or.. did they just miss that detail?!!? It's like she wrote "AMPATUAN KILLED ME"
using her own blood but the government did not notice.

Resolution on the Maguindanao massacre is taking so long, I want to help! ,grrrr..
These are the times when I really wish public opinion turns into roman-empire mob rule.

When did these politicians learn not to fear the scrutiny and rage of the people?

No evidence linking the bastards... my ass!


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